Claude Needham

"I know there exists a multitude of books that profess to tell you "how it is." That's not my way. First of all my model of "how it is" happens to be fluid. I learned this in physics. If one is trying to calculate the effect of a jet airplane colliding with a bird at mach 2 it is fair to consider the bird as a spherical mass. However, if you are trying to determine the genus species of the bird and check it for parasites it does not work to assume the bird is a spherical mass. A different model is required.

"So if the books aren't about "how it is" what are they? I think lab manuals would be a close approximation. A collection of guided experiments that contain within their execution gateways into other realities and ways of being in the world -- whatever that is.

Then it is left to the reader to create their own view of "how it is."

Abbreviated Bio

Claude Needham (aka Xxaxx) is a multifaceted creator whose journey through art, science, and spiritual exploration defies conventional boundaries. Holding a Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics from Florida State University, his life has been a kaleidoscopic adventure in various vocations—from programming and web development to sculpture, painting, and beyond.

Claude views his artistic endeavors as extensions of his spiritual and scientific explorations, seeing each creation as a portrait of non-human entities, whether sculpting in alabaster, painting vibrant landscapes, or delving into printmaking. His art is not bound by human aesthetics but is driven by a profound compassion for the material and form, finding beauty in liberating the inherent shapes within raw mediums.

Beyond the canvas and sculpture studio, he is an avid writer, balancing his narratives between humor, science, and metaphysical musings. His technological savvy has not only led to a successful stint in Silicon Valley but also fuels his ongoing contributions to web design and game development, particularly in spiritual and cooperative gaming.

His eclectic career also includes roles as a museum curator, gold miner, and even a stint in tree planting, each feeding into his deep respect for both the environment and technological advancements.

In recent years, his focus has shifted towards the intersection of gaming and spirituality, where he merges his love for problem-solving with his quest for deeper understanding. Whether it’s consulting in physics, programming, or creative industries, he brings a unique perspective that is both insightful and grounded in real-world applications.

Always ready to lend a hand, Claude embodies the spirit of service, continually seeking ways to assist others in turning inspiration into tangible outcomes. Looking ahead, he remains committed to a future filled with creative endeavors, each inspired by a lifetime of curiosity and a passion for discovery.