Table-Top Spiritual Gaming

by Claude Needham



The print version of Dream-Life is not available as yet. But, don't despair. We do have a pdf version available -- see just below this box. Also, we do have Dream-Life (The Shortform) available as well. Both available now for instant access.

Paperback Edition 8.5 x 11


Instant (PDF) download $(14.95)

Dream-Life (The Shortform)

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When played solo, Dream-Life is a wonderful tool for deep exploration of your dream life.

When played in a group, Dream-Life is a magical portal granting access to communication, compassion, and understanding. Truly there are so many benefits from playing Dream-Life in group. For the moment, we have elected to avoid narrowing your horizons by painting in ours. Maybe sometime we can get together and compare notes.

Dream-Life will help you examine your dreams through three chief processes.

  1. Through the creation of RPG tables based on your dreams. Filling in the tables helps direct your attention into the various nooks and crannies of your dreams.
  2. Doing the Three-Step Narrative Process on random assemblages location, activity, and encounter pieced together from your dreams. This gives a peek into parts of your dreams that may be obscured to your waking self.
  3. Witnessing the narratives of others. There is something quite special about getting an authentic glimpse into the dream-life of someone not you. For some of us it may be the first time we experience a complete dream narrative from someone not us.

What is Dream-Life?

  • Dream-Life is a table-top game.
  • Dream-Life is a mutant form of RPG (role-playing game).
  • Dream-Life does not require a Game Master nor Dungeon Master).
  • Dream-Life uses tables and dice to adventure through a landscape -- having encounters and engaging in various activities.
  • In Dream-Life, the landscape is your dream-life, the encounters are drawn from those you have in your dreams, and the activities are extracted from the things you do during dreams.
  • Dream-Life is basically your dreams as a table-top game.