Gateways New Books

Below is a listing of new titles and newly re-issued titles from the Gateways line of books.

Stone-Age Jewelry Techniques, E.J. Gold

Stone-Age Jewelry Techniques

Ancient Styles and Methods

by E.J. Gold

This 400+ page book provides tons of background, very detailed step by step technique, and a wide array of ancient styles. for more info...

The Movements, E.J. Gold

The Movements

An Introduction to a Moving Meditation

by E.J. Gold

"The Movements is an artful moving meditation. During the practice, body, mind, heart and essence may align, leading to esthetically higher, transcendental realms of experience. It opens a flow of energy that cleanses and heals disruptions in the machine. Working with the Movements daily expands the range of motion in the body, while developing an overall subtle sensitivity." -- Paula Andrea for more info...

Lost Works, E.J. Gold

Lost Works

by E.J. Gold

All these texts were written over forty years ago and published as separate pamphlets — often printed by the author himself — in very limited editions. Many of these were highly acclaimed when they first appeared, but gradually went out-of -print. In this volume, The Lost Works of E.J. Gold, they have been assembled as chapters. Some of the individual titles, alone, stir one deeply when read aloud — “You Look Somehow Familiar Forever”, “Spontaneous Surrender”, “Cosmic Acupuncture” and “The Butterfly of Retribution”, to name a few. for more info...

Downtown Community School Camp Woodland & Woodstock, E.J. Gold

Downtown Community School Camp Woodland & Woodstock

by E.J. Gold

For the generation of creative, adventurous, inquisitive, high-energy kids who were growing up in the 1940s and 1950s, The Downtown Community School, Camp Woodland and the Woodstock area of New York provided environments for an enlightened education. for more info...

Caregiver Revolution: 5 Easy Steps to Enlightened Caregiving

Grant Abrams & Patricia Elizabeth

The Caregiver Revolution infuses caring for others with enthusiasm and hope. The book provides simple tools and techniques for organizing the home environment, creating a .care circle,. reducing stress, and practicing .here and now. mindfulness in the midst of the hectic caregiving environment. for more info...