The Movements

An Introduction to a Moving Meditation

by E.J. Gold



The Movements (pdf)

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Chapter 4 -- The Way of Service

"Conscience is not moral. likeable or preferable; it is a necessity to higher Being. If we become necessary to certain higher forces and entities. depending on how necessary we are and what we are able to do, we are given a certain grace."This aim is too high for us now, but at least we know in advance that there is a purpose to all this. We do not do movements just to flex our muscles. We may someday learn to serve a higher purpose.

"The Way of Service is not the Good Samaritan. It is not the way of the 'do-gooder'. Service is to become necessary in the higher scheme of things. To make oneself a more useful cog in a bigger machine, but still a cog in a machine - a slave to something higher.

"Just now, the Work is something we can only hear about. We are utterly naive. The Work becomes more and more vast as one becomes exposed to it. Eventually one is forced to specialize.

"In one year of serious study you can have data to know whether you want to continue work, but can still leave safely if not. After two or three years you are ruined for anything else - a work-addict.''

"The Movements is an artful moving meditation. During the practice, body, mind, heart and essence may align, leading to esthetically higher, transcendental realms of experience. It opens a flow of energy that cleanses and heals disruptions in the machine. Working with the Movements daily expands the range of motion in the body, while developing an overall subtle sensitivity."

- Paula Andrea

The Movement Postures Illustrated Cards

Complete set of illustrated Movements postures.

"The Movements is a moving meditation which brings the body, emotions, mind and spirit into total Harmony. It works instantly.

"The effects are similar to Tai Chi and Yoga and . . . something more. It transcends them.

"The Movements smoothe the lumps in one's being. They harmonize the electrical field, dissolve anomalies in your being.

"This leads to better functioning and simply being comfortable in your skin. You feel good in your body.

"They are related to tribal dances and rituals, ancient temple ceremonies and also include kata components. (Kata means form, as in a form in martial arts.)

"The teaching of the Movements comes to us from a number of ancient sources, including vases, wall paintings, frescos, statuettes and most importantly, the metaphysical science of psychometry."