...and Tapes

Gateways Books and Tapes was started long ago when these things called cassette tapes existed. They were used for transmitting audio and music. Oh, the crazy things those ancient peoples did before the Internet. You can ready about cassettes, by clicking here.

With the advent of the internet we found it much easier to maintain multiple websites each devoted to a portion of Gateways large resource list. Here are some of the sites you should be away of:

Talk of the Month

Here you will find an extensive list of Talk CDs. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of presentation, question/answer, and discussion. In addition you'll find a complete resourse of individual Talk of the Month printed talks.

Visit the site TalkoftheMonth.com

Only the Best CDs

Gateways in partnership with itself under the logo of Cloister Recordings has publish mucho many music albums. Yes, some orginally published as music cassette tapes. But, now all are mastered for CD distribution -- AND, are available from digital download.

Visit the site OnlytheBestCDs.com