Stone-Age Jewelry Techniques

Ancient Styles and Methods

by E.J. Gold


Stone-Age Jewelry Techniques

Instant (PDF) download $(24.95)

This 400+ page book provides tons of background, very detailed step by step technique, and a wide array of ancient styles.

Stone Age Jewelry, available for download. Now, ain't that a juxtaposition? Unless of course, you've got a perspective that spans billions of acreage of time and place which is exactly what EJ has and offers here with an unparalleled generosity of spirit. My personal encounters with his approach to jewelry began with sales in the mid 1980s. Talk about taking you by the hand and leading you from rags to riches, the experiences I've enjoyed in all facets of working with these methods from the making, the marketing, and the friends I've made along the way have enriched both my soul and those who have embraced the jewelry whether as a wearer or a maker. Exotic dancing wires, spinning and dispersing wavicular blessings, and the unlocking of keys of inestimable value all await you too should you choose to embark on The Path of the Pleasant Pliers!

-- Eric Brummel