John Lilly

Who's Who In America Lilly, John Cunningham, med. scientist, author; b. St. Paul, Jan 6, 1915; the present.

"My life is devoted to exploration of inner and outer realities; this means a thorough self-review frequently, conducted with candor and discipline derived from medical, scientific, psychoanalytic and research training over the years...."

John C. Lilly was honored in a Symposium held April, 2000, originating from San Francisco and transmitted globally by webcast. This symposium is an historical event with the goal of demonstrating the scope and reverberations of Dr. Lilly's work and disseminating it globally to allow it to infect the lives of those waiting to know of and use this body of work.

During the time of the Symposium the following letter arrived:"It has been many, many years since, at the age of 17, I discovered "Center of the Cyclone". It came at a very painful crossroad in my life, when I was confused and muddled, not merely because that was the nature of my life at that age, but because there was tremendous tumult going on in society at large, and it overwhelmed me. When I found the "Center of the Cyclone", and subsequently the "Diadic Cyclone"--- but even more, "Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer"-- it changed my life forever. I began to have what may be best-called a "relationship" to internal reality, corresponding in objectivized-spatiality to the outer reality. It was as though you had given me a rational "peg board" in which to place all subsequent information. It was the greatest gift-- a universal category, so-to-speak, like the Transcendental Schemata of Kant. Over the years, I have realized how, in great child-like innocence, and a desperate need to understand-away pain, I identified with your devotion to exploring and teaching what you discovered. You were a n invisible role-model for me. Above all, I identified with your insistence on "objectivity, despite the destructive draw of many different spiritual perspectives, which claim truth. At the age of 46, now doing inter-religious work with all the world's religions, I grow more and more clear that the understandings you unearthed in the "Cyclone" are foundational to every major faith-including that "faith", or consensus, we call "objective-science". In short, you changed my life as a teacher, like no other teacher or writer has ever done. Thank you. Thank you. If you should ever be in the New York Metropolitan area, I would be honored, if you would let me buy you dinner - and more honored, if we would have an opportunity to speak in person, and perhaps, form the rudiments of a friendship. And of course, I would be willing to come to California, or meet you half-way, at your convenience. With great love for someone I have never met. Rabbi Michael Shevack

As soon as the tapes of the Symposium are titled, they will be available for sale. That should happen in the summer of 2000.

The above bio is extracted with permission from Samadhi Tank website. View the whole John Lilly article here.