Memory Anchors

by Claude Needham


Memory Anchors

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What is this book?

This book outlines a novel method for meandering through one's memories. Specifically designed to help gain access to memories that aren't on the top 40 list.

I don't know about you, but, whenever I go foraging for memories from my earlier life inevitably the memories retrieved are drawn from a limited set of old favorites -- the same old memories that are revisited time after time. Nothing wrong with that. But, I've been around many decades. Surely there are more memories packed away in there.

Turns out my suspicion was correct. After working with the simple method described in this book, I've been accessing a broader, diverse, and more expansive range of memories. It's like discovering that the local library has many floors and a couple of wings.

Who is this book for?

Well, this book is not for those that wish to memorize hundreds of random numbers to impress friends at a party. This is not a trainer for memorization. This is a method for rummaging through memories with the goal of accessing a wider variety of memories, some of which you may not have visited in quite some time.

Why is this book?

During a special biography workshop, we were instructed to divide our life into decades. This was accomplished by putting age-brackets at the top of ten pages -- starting with 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30, 31 to 40, etc.

Next we were instructed to collect memories and place them on the page corresponding to the the decade in which the memory is from. That went fine -- except, the memories I found were the same old ones that are recalled every time I engage in a similar effort. I know more happened in 1960s than the same old memories I dredge up when I go looking.

It was as in my process of memory retrieval I was being attracted and/or repelled. If I am going to gain access to a more complete picture of my life I needed a methodology that was not dominated by favoritism or aversion.