Everything Other Than Chess

by Claude Needham



Everything Other Than Chess

Instant (PDF) download $(8.95)

24 unique games that can be played with a chess set--but are definitely NOT chess.

Intended for gamers of all skill levels, from non-chess players to chess buffs, these games are an ideal way to get acquainted with different chess pieces while expanding the boundaries of gameplay.

The goal of the book was to provide games other than chess which may be played using a standard chess set and board.

In case you are wondering where the inspiration for this book came from, it was selling Dog & Cat chess sets at a street fair.

So many young children -- girls especially -- fell in love with the "cute chess set" only to have their hopes of taking one home dashed by the common parental refrain, "But dear, you don't play chess; it will just go to waste."

Well, that problem has been solved. Now, girls and boys everywhere may visit their local chess supply store, throw the door open and declare in a voice plain and loud for anyone to hear: "I'd like a Dog & Cat chess set please, for I intend to play games. In fact, I believe I'll have a Civil War chess set as well. And, don't worry about slipping in any of those there chess books, for I will be playing everything other than chess. You see my good man, I am chess-challenged and darn proud of it."

As you may guess, many players who begin playing the non-chess games from Everything Other Than Chess move on to learn and appreciate chess itself -- as it should be.

We like to think of Everything Other Than Chess as a way to justify purchase of a "way too cute to pass up" chess set, and as a stepping stone toward playing chess.