Just Because Club: Your Personal Metaphysical Fitness Trainer

by Claude Needham



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Just Because Club

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Sample Exercise from the Book


Time your entrance into the store such that someone else triggers the door to open—so that if you had never existed the door would still have opened at that moment. Walk up and down the aisles without touching anything. Then, to leave the store, time it so that someone else triggers the door to open.

If you should accidentally touch something—a person, a shopping cart or a product—select something cheap in the shop, buy it and leave through the checkout counter in the normal fashion.

Don’t buy the thing you touch since it may be a person or a shopping cart or something incredibly expensive. The intention is to not touch anything. If all goes well, you will have entered without causing the door to open, walked around the store without touching anything and left without causing the door to open.

Keep trying this until you complete it to your satisfaction. Should you wish you may send a copy of your journal report concerning the activity.

Notes: What surprised those of us monitoring the original Just Because Club experiment was the almost unanimous reports of success in entering the clairvoyant vision—also known as a Bardo state. Some of the individuals did not have the verbal background to recognize what had occurred. But, when they described the activity it became obvious that some- thing quite profound had occurred for them. For me, the lesson was this: simple, but exact changes in what we do can act as transformational triggers.

Both traditional and innovative spiritual seekers can find something of use in this training program that contains more than 100 metaphysical exercises. The powerful series of awareness experiments are for individual personal use in everyday situations and are based on a highly successful training program tested throughout North America. Both esoteric and mundane, the exercises include such tasks as going to the supermarket, sitting in an empty bathtub, and pushing hands with the ineffable. Designed to lead to altered perceptions and to create new ideas, this metaphysical program is perfect for veteran spiritual gamers, those who are seeking new experiences, or those who are simply looking for new spiritual adventures!

A Reader's Perspective

Just Because Club is the first Gateways book I read, and it remains a favourite. The book is perfect for those who enjoy adventuring toward unknown destinations. It transformed my experience of daily life and my understanding of the path. These experiments are also a lot of fun.

"This is a remarkable book of silly, sacred, comic, cosmic little games that might very well wake you up. Not "mind games." Spirit games. Games that can tickle you to the very soul!"

-- Bernie DeKoven, author of The Well-Played Game and Recess for the Soul

"If you've ever done anything "just for the hell of it" -- you'll want to know how to make tht work for your personal evolution."

-- E.J. Gold, author of American Book of the Dead and Practical Work on Self