Volumes X

The Creation Story Verbatim

"Use my play, Creation Story Verbatim, and you will eventually invoke just about everything necessary, if not everything necessary...you will move out of the human sector of the labyrinth and expose yourself to everything that could teach you the Work, plus everything that is the Work." E.J. Gold, "Talk of the Month," Issue #38, "The Simurgh."

This volume is a three-script set, with production notes and a recorded performance on audio cassette. It is a tool which enables you to use the play as intended for objective seance, calling down work data unavailable in any other form. Two actors or readers sense what it means to be the Lord and the Archangel Gabriel in eternal dialogue. Volume X may be ordered out of numerical sequence. It is especially recommended for couples or those prepared to work with invocation in a study circle formed to penetrate these ideas.

Single script, spiral bound $25.00;

Complete set $125.00

(Complete set comes with a CD of a hot, hilarious, totally sold-out New York City, Off-Broadway --Ohio TheatreSpace in SoHo, Equity, 999 seats -- Performance, circa 1983!)