Koyote the Blind

Koyote's Books

Koyote began his training among the volcanoes and jungles of El Salvador, where the revolutionary dreams of a just and good world framed his spiritual aspirations. While pursuing his Jesuit education and volunteering to create and lead a literacy program for the children of war refugees, Koyote trained in Tantra Yoga and Western Mysticism during his adolescence, until he was forced into exile when targeted by that troubled country's death squads.

In 1985, Koyote fled to the USA, where he obtained political asylum and, eventually, his citizenship. He then took on the role of a householder and raised a family, worked full time, and pursued his graduate and post-graduate studies in Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences at UCSan Diego and Santa Clara University. His worldly obligations did not stop his spiritual pursuits. He was initiated in Kriya Yoga and Magick while fulfilling his duties as a householder.

In 1995, he was initiated by his Yaqui-Lacandon benefactor into the Toltec tradition and the Path of the Infinite. Koyote was acknowledged as a teacher in the lineage by the elder Nahual, Teczaki G├╝itame Cachora. He developed a Toltec improvisational performance art called The Telling, a mystical inducing experience known to affect and transform the listener through a direct and unmediated experience. Koyote runs Xicoco, an esoteric school of the Toltecs, where he trains students in magick, shamanism, mysticism, and yoga.

He has authored books and created seminars on the Yoga of Dreaming, meditation, astral voyaging, shadow walking, magick, the power of attention, alchemy, and tantra.

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