Floating in Quiet Darkness

How the Floatation Tank Has Changed Our Lives and Is Changing the World

by Lee and Glenn Perry



Paperback Edition 6 x 9

Floating in Quiet Darkness

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Book description

Glenn Perry had a life changing experience when he floated in the tank invented by Dr. John C. Lilly. "When I stepped out into the sunshine, nature was a scintillating, shimmering energy system and time moved very slowly. I was asked to share my experience with the others in the workshop and for the first time in my life I had no fear talking. I had to have one for myself and they were not being made by anyone. I decided to produce them. That was the start of Lee's and my 48-year adventure."

Lee and Glenn Perry created a new product, a new company and a global industry. Their book tracks the floatation industry and cultural movement from the seed of the Perrys' own experiences as floaters through the design, prototyping, manufacture, and distribution of float tanks to individuals and public float centers around the world. They have changed not only their lives but the lives of many of those who float. Included in the book are a selection of vivid personal narratives and photos from floaters showing the depth and breadth of these experiences, including Float Conference comments by Stephen Johnson; a floating narrative from Oz Fritz, Grammy-winning sound engineer; an interview on floating with E.J. Gold; a narrative on floating used with other healing modalities by Dr. Mychelle Whitewood; and others.

Endorsement quotes:

I would like to state for the record that Glenn and Lee Perry have my endorsement as researchers of the highest caliber in the study of belief systems. I know I can trust them never to unnecessarily influence other humans and that their approach to floating will always follow the guidelines of my own personal and professional researches in "alternity." I heartily recommend their practice of floating, their methods of exploration, their uses of the benign and highly beneficial technology I have pioneered. The balanced, scientific, and pristine nature of their practice has been clear to me for years and so, not only for their expertise and their ingenuity, their skill and aptitude in tank manufacture, but also and especially for their genuine integrity and sincerity in this research....

-- John Lilly, M.D., from the Foreword

Coincidentally, we have a long history with Shinzen Young. He reports: In the 1980s, the Samadhi Tank group graciously allowed me and my students access to their Beverly Hills floating facility after hours. I'd take a group of ten students and we'd meditate all night, alternating two hour blocks in the tank with two hour blocks of seated practice. In Buddhism, there's a concept of upaya--"expedient means." We found that applying systematic focus techniques during long float could serve as an upaya, facilitating certain aspects of the practice.

-- Shinzen Young, Co-Director, SEMA Lab, University of Arizona, author of The Science of Enlightenment: How Meditation Works

While the profound power of floating for the reduction of fear and anxiety is beginning to emerge from controlled clinical research, Glenn was truly the first case study to experience such effects. We can all learn from his experience and spend more time disconnecting from the nonstop chatter of the external world and reconnecting to our internal world. Indeed, this intimate book of their journey inward can help heal us all!

-- Justin Feinstein, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist, Founder and Director of the LIBR Float Clinic & Research Center