Gita Takes Wing

by Gailyn Porter



Paperback Edition 8 x 10

A young goose, Gita, yearns to know more about life than what is in her barnyard. When a wild Canada goose is injured and put into her yard she discovers a kindred spirit, begins to find the answers to her many queries, and gathers the courage to follow her quest. The book is written as a coming of age adventure for children of all ages.

Gita Takes Wing is an offering for children to read, primarily "tweens" 10 to 13 years in age--a "chapter book." The book can also be read aloud to younger children and may appeal to adults who appreciate fairy tales, animal stories, The Wind in the Willows, and other quality children's literature. This story book does NOT limit its vocabulary to an elementary grades word list since the author / artist follows the Waldorf School philosophy that children are eager to learn including new vocabulary--and she raised her own son reading a wide range of quality literature regardless of age recommendations.