The Invocation of Presence

E.J. Gold



Trade Paperback (Updated 2022 edition)

Invocation of Presence

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From the back of the book:

"The Invocation of Presence, E.J. Gold explains how we awaken from the phenomenal world of images and ideas into the real world of direct seeing. In these pages you will learn to illuminate your experience of life with the deepest inner light of our true self. It is a book deserving to be read and studied." - Jeff Carreira, meditation teacher and author of Higher Self Expression: How to Become an Artist of Possibility

"The first time I encountered true presence was in meeting E.J. Gold. About two years before I had recognized true presence in myself, I experienced it as the presence of E.J. He was visiting a group I was in at the beginning of the seventies, and being around him I got to see what a human being embodying presence is like. E.J., as authentic presence, was striking and unmistakable, and I never forgot the impression.

"In the short and accessible book, E.J. gives clear practices for invoking presence in the present, the true presence of spiritual nature as what we are. In discussions with his inner circle of students, he lays out not only how to invoke true presence, but how to make presence a permanent realization. And the beautiful thing is E.J., showing that all life situations, even what we consider disagreeable or difficult, are occasions for this practice. He further reveals how presence is the sure way to unveil the hidden nondual truth of reality. This book shows how presence is the most helpful in living an authentic human life and in being ready to go through the process of death and dying. Presence, so unknown by common humanity, turns out to be the key to the hidden truths of reality." A.H. Almaas, The founder of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization

"E.J. Gold is an author like none other I have read. In The invocation of Presence he takes on the task of dissecting the nature of life and existence. He also gives us tools to take control of our lives. I found the book extremely entertaining and consciousness-expanding. I highly recommend not only reading it, but studying it." Michael Peter Langevin, author of The Secrets of the Ancient Incas and Co-publisher of The Echo World magazine.

"Mr. Gold wakes us up to the big view and the fine details in this essential practice of all: The Invocation of Presence. For those of us who hunger to come alive in the here and now, he serves an infinite feast made with practical panache, immediacy, and years of unforsaken, tried-and-true wisdom. This is who I know Mr Gold to be, a provocateur of wisdom, and embodiment of un-idiotic generosity ... and here, with this book, is a seat at this table, if we dare to accept." Purna Steinitz, found of the Trimurti Community

Table of Contents

  • Key To Life
  • Why Work On Ourselves At All?
  • Here I Am
  • Emotion of Presence & Memory
  • The Journey
  • To Be Alive
  • Second Wind Phenomenon
  • Presence: A Serious Confession
  • Three Levels of Work
  • On Invoking Presence
  • Momentum of Invocation -- The Universal Travelling Junk Shop
  • Remembering To Invoke Presence
  • The Essentials of Momentum of Invocation
  • A Rose By Any Other Name
  • Step By Step Method to Invoke Presence