An Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Bardo-Gaming on the Prosperity Path

Kyle Fite



140 pages, incl. 16 illustrations, 8 color plates

Orbit An Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Bardo-Gaming on the Prosperity Path

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ORBIT is an introduction to the world of Bardo-Gaming, a means to employ the technology of video games in the pursuit of personal growth and service to others. Beginning with the .Orbs,. a growing series of free games which can run on almost any PC, this book looks at the struggles of everyday life as well as our aspirations toward enlightenment, awareness and contact with other- dimensional realities. From this point, the phenomenon of Second Life is explored in context of E.J. Gold.s .Prosperity Ashram,. a virtual environment designed specifically to amplify group work and the fulfilling of the Bodhisattva.s Vow. Anecdotes and exercises are woven into a narrative which opens with the initial premise of Buddhism: .Life is Suffering.. From here, the text moves into an exploration of what can be actively done about this dilemma. Many schools charge exorbitant fees for teaching and, of course, teaching is worthless if divorced from actual practice and work. ORBIT shows how both of these elements can come together in a dynamic unfolding in the convenience of one's own home.


  • Preface: Your Electric Monk
  • Ch 1. Game On!
  • Ch 2. Connecting the Worlds
  • Ch 3. Burning Karma
  • Ch 4. Entering the Labyrinth
  • Ch 5. Self & The Other
  • Ch 6. Orb Selection
  • Ch 7. The Voice of the Angels
  • Ch 8. Orb Missions
  • Ch 9. GODD made GHOSTS
  • Ch 10. Entering the Ashram
  • Ch 11. Aleister.s Angels
  • Ch 12. Experimentations
  • Ch 13. Hot Spots, Surrender and the Super-Star
  • Ch 14. Running the Remedy
  • In Conclusion

A fantastic guide for those ready to begin spiritual gaming, deepen their practice or those wishing to simply engage in their initial explorations of this vast area of spirit tech. ORBIT takes you through all the needed steps on this journey in a very friendly and easy way and in no time you'll find yourself mastering new levels and walking through new realities. Ideas, philosophies and theories are discussed as well as all the practical moves necessary for your jump into the parallel worlds created by EJ Gold and his GODD Team. Gather your power in the single player experience of the Prosperity Path Orbs and then make a quantum leap into the Prosperity Virtual Ashram where you will be able to work directly with others on spirit quests. You can do this! You don't need to be a geek and previous knowledge is not necessary, just grab yourself a cup of your favorite brew, find your favorite spot and settle in for a fun and engaging ride through this thing we call "The Universe".

J. S.