Real Poets in a Virtual World

Poetry From Prosperity Path Ashram

Edited by Gail Bering-Porter and Gerald Porter

Foreword by E.J. Gold



6" x 9" format, paperbound with 50 drawings & 10 color plates.

Real Poets in a Virtual World

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This anthology is a collection of writing exercises and poetry by a group of poets who met together to try these exercises--in a virtual reality environment, Second Life. The subject and style of the work is NOT focused on the novelty of this process, on the virtual aspect of the "virtual reality," but rather on the sincere wish and group determination to use the writing process as part of the writers' inner essence work. Both the exercises and the poems collected here are artifacts of an art based on voyaging away from the ordinary and into more magical realms. The reader is invited not just to read the 100 or so poems in the book but to try writing his or her own poems in this vein. The book is also illustrated with 44 drawings and 10 full color color art plates, all imaginative works created by writers collected in the anthology.

"You are this very minute grasping a transdimensional device. A device that can be used to travel to the farthest regions of the multiverse... Only voyagers who know that they are voyagers can use this volume to go beyond the confines of the literary jungle or the consensus primate reality that currently may imprison them." -- from the Introduction by Gerald Porter