Astral Projection Made Easy

by E.J Gold




Astral Projection Made Easy

Instant (PDF) download $(24.95)


Instant (PDF) download $(19.95)

Astral Projection Made Easy is designed to be used by itself or as the companion manual for the Astral Projection Kit.

Astral Projection (sometimes called OOBE or OBE -- Out of Body Experience) is more properly the transfer of consciousness from the physical body to a higher body. This transfer can be sudden or gradual. Using the "Astral Projection Made Easy" method you will be able to develop your skills gaining mastery over this important talent.

There are places to go and things to do that can only be accomplished when in your higher bodies. Isn't it time?

Stuck In The Body?

If you've ever tried Astral Projection and failed, this book is for YOU. Wouldn't it be great to travel anywhere you wanted to go, anytime you wanted to, without a single cent of cost? Have you ever wondered what became of long-lost friends? Are you curious about life after death? Do you feel the need to evolve beyond the organic plane? Are you trapped in a body full of pain? If the answers to any of these questions is "yes", then this important book is for you.

At last, a simple, easy to understand and easy to master method of Out-of-Body Travel is available to you without costing a fortune in training fees! Everything you need to know about Out of Body Travel is in this book! You will be projecting higher bodies within minutes, and it's SO EASY that absolutely ANYONE CAN DO IT.

Simplicity is the key. This method of Out of Body Travel is absolutely foolproof and works FIRST TIME EVERY TIME! This is the Real Deal. Try it now - you will not be disappointed!

-- quoted from back cover

I am totaly flashed by the astral projection book. Its so great and gave me so much good and supporting information. Most of the stuff I already knew from other books, but it gave me a whole new view angle to look at that. Genious! I like to try the method someday, was really inspiring.

M.Z. Germany

I like this. I have taken a lot of astral projection -- out of body -- courses and this is the best one.

-- B.T.

"I have been after out-of-body experiences for a long time and been to classes. I have come close a few times to leaving my body trying different things and different exercises. But I like this way because it feels as if it is starting at the beginning, and that step by step, it is something that I can do. This is a way that is going to work for me."

-- J.T.